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Looking forward to new year

December 27, 2000

The joyous bells of Christmas have rung. Echoes of carols still can be heard, if one listens closely, but they, too, are fading away. Toys, clothes, and the sundry reminders of family gatherings are probably still close enough to the Christmas tree to make it look a little like the morning after a bombing attack of B-52s. For many, vacation time is spinning to a close (or slammed shut) and we all are trying to pretend that the next three days at work are really necessary. Our bodies are trying hard to handle the surfeit of food and fun from Christmas, as they get ready to tackle New Year's Eve and the advent of the New Year.

It will be 2001. A date, like 1984, that movies and books have so impressed on our mentality that it will be impossible to not see the near future without some of those images superimposed on it. In our sky, a functioning space station, complete with long-term dwellers, orbits the earth whispering of the wonder of the future. Exploration of Mars is a past accomplishment. Terra forming of that planet is already in the planning stages. With high optimism, undying confidence and a sense of timid invincibility our world seems ready to take on whatever challenge is presented.

As with last year, a word of caution seems appropriate. The common cry last year was "Doom approaches! Prepare yourselves!" It might be good to remind ourselves that the worst didn't happen. Life went on with its normal joys and sorrows. This year, with all its glory and optimism, it would also be good to caution ourselves with the same message. Life will go on. Each day will start fresh, bringing with it only those things we refuse to lay down. We can expect the year to be like many others, filled with the good and bad that is party to us all.

With that said, let me wax optimistic.

How can a year so filled with magical images of space exploration, computers gone mad, and the mystery of unknown visitors not be filled with the unexpected? Can we not expect that a new millennium, replete with exhilarating over-tones of new beginnings, unimagined advances in quality of life issues and the advance of our age into adulthood (it IS the 21st century) will bring with it a multitude of serendipitous discoveries and joys? We certainly can!

Yes, we will have the normal, the dull, the painful and the routine. We may go weeks bent in the trenches of our life, as we toil to make it from one day to the next. But in our toiling, the miraculous will be the unannounced visitor. Always unexpected; often longed for; almost never recognized; the miracles of life will shine through and we will be taken unawares. We will find ourselves wrapped in their wonder and glory; held close in their nurturing embrace; comforted by the indescribable joy that will accompany each of them, whether classed as large or small.

And I am sure we will discover that the vast majority of these wonders will be hidden in the guise of some person or people we know. For it is the people in our lives that makes it what it is and gives it hope for being more than it is. It is in the softly spoken work, or the pat on the back, or often enough, the boot in the backside by people who know us well wherein we find the joy and wonder of living.

I am, more than ever, filled with joy in knowing I will be sharing the next year with the members of this wonderful community. It will be even more exciting than the past one has been, simply because of the people here.

I trust that your upcoming year will be filled with the people and the joy that will allow the wonderful to be a common part of your life not just an occasional visitor.

Happy New Year!


Jan. 1 Office closed for New Year Holiday.

Jan. 2 Baldwin City Kids Wrestling Registrations at BHS

Jan. 6 Youth Basketball Clinic at Baker 9:00 a.m.

Jan. 8 Tumbling classes begin

Jan. 13 First games for the basketball season.

Jan. 14 Softball pitching clinic (4 weeks)

Jan. 21 Softball skills clinic

March 24 Boater's Safety Course. More details to come.

Adult Basketball (4 on 4) registrations are being accepted now. Cost is $75 per team. Contact the office for more information.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Holiday Lights Contest. Their names are printed elsewhere in the paper. Pictures and details will be coming soon. Sorry we are so late with this. The snow arrived unexpectedly.

Monte the Dancing Bear dancing a joyous dance for 2001.

Baldwin City Recreation Commission; 820 High Street; Phone, 594-3670; e-mail,

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