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Town digs out of snow mess

December 20, 2000

Wind nipping at your nose is putting it mildly. This winter wonderland was created by ice, followed by heavy snow, followed by arctic air and more ice and snow.

And it's not even winter yet. The season officially starts Thursday.

Arrowhead Hardware in north Baldwin helped customers stock up on items that haven't been needed every winter. The store's sign read: "salt, sand and sleds." The sign worked the store sold out of many items.

"We have sold out of deicers, snow shovels, ice melt and tube sand," said store manager Angie Burke.

And customers also snatched other items to shield them from the cold.

"They have been coming in and getting plastics for window insulation, kerosene, gloves," she said.

Sleds also have been popular. Burke said most of the items have been restocked.

"We've got a whole new shipment," she said. "We are set for the next big hit."

The Baldwin school district used three "snow days" in a single sweep Dec. 11,12 and 13, but doesn't have any snow days built into the year's schedule. Supt. James White said the three days will be tacked onto the end of the school year, which means students will have to come back after Memorial Day. The last day of school was scheduled for Friday, May 25.

"We can still be out of school without having to go into June, White said if there are no more snow days. "I think we have plenty of time at the end of the school year."

School activities also were canceled or postponed, including Christmas programs and sporting events. "Christmas at the OK Corral" presented by Baldwin Elementary School students was postponed twice. It is once again scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. at the Baldwin Junior High School.

Country roads are still slick in places for school bus drivers, but the drivers have been able to navigate them. District transportation director Roger Dressler gave the credit to the township workers that keep the roads clear.

"All the townships, particularly Palmyra Township, have done a good job supporting us and keeping the roads done," Dressler said. He and drivers let the townships know of any particularly bad spots.

Dressler said the temperatures, more than the conditions, cause more work at this time of year. The diesel buses have to be plugged in at night in cold weather so they will start the next day. Heater maintenance is also a priority.

"We try to keep the buses as warm as we can for the kids," Dressler said. "It's a tougher job in this type of weather. We spend most of the day getting ready for the next day."

City workers treated roads to treat them again. Crews pushed snow into the middle of High Street downtown and used a dump truck to haul away the two block mountain.

Light snow is predicted again today. And with temperatures not expected to rise above freezing, the recent weather did bring something this town hasn't seen for quite some time a white Christmas.

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