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This is really what winter is

December 20, 2000

Remember when it used to snow this much all winter long? I was in grade school. I would spend days carving drifted and plowed snow into a snow fort almost as long as my house. And the fort would last all winter long.

I thought it was part of being a kid. Then it stopped snowing at least in large quantities and perhaps a generation of kids have never built a snow fort or have struggled to shape enough snow to form a snowman.

Obviously, mild winters with little snow became "normal." School districts stopped scheduling snow days. Stores decreased their stock of "ice melt" and sleds. These items just weren't needed.

Until now.

I couldn't even buy cat litter for my cats last week, because customers turned to kitty litter when the ice melt was gone. The selection of snow boots was almost sold out. I couldn't find one person who remembered how to make snow ice cream.

Doesn't anyone remember what winter used to be like?

I have to admit that I even slipped into the mild winter trap. Holidays have been easy to plan without worrying about travel conditions. For the first time in years, I didn't make it to my family's Christmas celebration. It is always the weekend before Christmas, and I was hoping the weather predictions of five different weather stations were wrong. Instead, the forecasts put the fear of winter in me, and I stayed home.

I'm going to try again this weekend.

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  • Emily loves the snow, but has a hard time understanding that it has been too cold to go outside and play in it. So she drags a chair to her bedroom window, looks into the snow and calls for "Frosty the Snowman."

At least that gets her mind off Santa Claus. A lot of people have been asking her lately if Santa is going to bring her any presents. She used to think Santa Claus was the bearer of candy canes, now I'm afraid she wants more.

She calls him daily on her toy phone and tells him, "Santa, I want presents right now."

I just hope we don't meet up with the jolly St. Nick before Christmas a candy cane might meet with a swift kick to the shin.

If only she could understand what "not much longer" means.

Merry Christmas!

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