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Keeping quiet about park isn’t good

December 6, 2000

Citizens of Baldwin. After reading the comments made by our city administrator and our illustrious mayor in last week's paper it has raised even more concerns and questions in my mind about how politics functions in this city. Let's address the issue of Mr. Paine's code of ethics and his discontinuation of writing his column, due to the letters written by a certain "hopeful" city council member. How is it that a city administrator can be interviewed by the press, write articles in the newspaper and make speeches to our chamber of commerce, all politically motivated actions, and then when confronted with hard questions about this project by a citizen of

Baldwin, he claims "neutrality" and dives under his desk? I find this

convenient that when the temperature of this issue begins to climb that the main voice supporting the business/industrial park suddenly is torn by ethical issues about his role and elects to find another venue for this debate. Very well then Mr. Paine, here are some new questions. What venue would you like this debate to take? Name the place, the rules, and the topics and I will debate either yourself or any of the city council members that would choose to participate. I am quite serious about this idea of debating the business park.

Now to the issue of Mayor Stan Krysztof's letter. Our mayor in his brief note to the public states that it is unfortunate that the city administrator must discontinue his column due to a certain noisy "opponent" and "hopeful city council member." Well Stan, since I am exercising my rights of free speech guaranteed to me under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, that is just too bad you feel this way. You see democracy allows for open debate of issues and ideas. More dictatorial forms of government do not encourage the flow of ideas, thoughts or, heaven forbid, opposition to proposed projects. Mr. Mayor I would be happy to debate the merits of this park project anytime anywhere you choose. Now Mr. Mayor, if you are really interested in my silence on this subject, take the following actions. Put the purchase of this 160 acres on the ballot for the April 3, 2001 election. Let all of the people have a say in the future of this community. If you put this issue on the ballot, then I will discontinue my column of opposing the park. It is my solemn belief that is park idea will not survive a decision by the people.

In conclusion I would like to warn the citizens of Baldwin that in my opinion the city council and city administrator are pulling back from this public issue of discussing the park in the hopes that things will settle down and they will be able to slide this land purchase by us. Remember folks, the city council does not need the approval of the citizens to complete this land purchase deal. I have had great results in garnering signatures for my petition and I will continue to gather signatures throughout the month of December. Anyone interested in signing it can come by our house at 409 11th Street during the day, or call me at 594-3431 and we will come out and get your signature. Thanks for your support as a community. Also to answer the most popular question put to me this weekend. I have no intention of stopping my columns due to the city administrator's sudden change of heart on his ethical stance.

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