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I’m in need of a real vacuum

December 6, 2000

I think I do have a little domestic blood in me. I spent all of last week looking forward to buying a new vacuum cleaner.

Ours is on the verge of death. It should be a sad occasion, but it's not. It's maddening, because this is the third vacuum we have lost in six years and the third time it has happened conveniently after the warranty has expired.

After our second vacuum started spewing out dirt instead of sucking it up I don't remember how our first vacuum died we bought one of those bagless vacuums with an allergen filter.

I thought it was the perfect vacuum for us. With long-haired, constantly-shedding dogs and a toddler, we tend to be tough on vacuum cleaners. A vacuum bag can fill in one trip around the house (which makes attempting to keep the house clean quite costly). And my husband and Emily both have allergies to things in the air.

But alas, it wasn't meant to be. So I was faced once again with choosing a vacuum which would be yet another brand.

I am considering writing to the various vacuum cleaner makers and offering myself and my home as testing grounds. They can send me a vacuum, and I can give them my valuable opinion, which will help them make a better vacuum. This way, I will never have to use an ailing vacuum cleaner.

For example, my reviews would be something like this:

Vacuum A: I liked the way this vacuum sucked the dog hair from the carpet grooves and from the furniture. However, the dog food that somehow gets scattered throughout the house stayed right where it was on the floor. And the vacuum hose wasn't long enough to reach the cookie crumbs underneath Emily's bed.

Vacuum B: This vacuum encountered the "under couch" zone, and was brave even when I wasn't. It shredded indistinguishable, dried up food. It even grabbed some of the small toys that seemed to be covered in a sticky substance (maybe ketchup). Unfortunately, it was just as unfriendly to the carpet, pulling it up from the wood floors beneath. It would make a good specialty vacuum.

Vacuum C: This vacuum was made for the family that doesn't have a house cleaner (like us). Not only did it pick up dog hair, dog food, french fries and dried pieces of playdough, but it also was just as efficient on the bare kitchen floor. And it had a mini vacuum built into the nice, long hose. That little accessory was perfect for reaching the corners that often get forgotten, the couch after Emily has had a snack, and even the ceiling (don't ask).

By the way, if someone has Vacuum C, please let me know, because I'm sure vacuum number four won't last long.

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