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Dog shot, killed near Summit Street

August 30, 2000

Baldwin police are investigating the shooting of a Pomeranian in southwest Baldwin on Sunday.

The dog, owned by Toby and Shana Ebel, 1224 Summit Street, was shot and killed with a BB gun, according to the Ebels' veterinarian. The BB penetrated the skin and shot through the heart and a lung.

The family pet had been let outside for a few minutes, apparently left the yard, and was found by neighborhood children under a "Watch for children" sign on Mustang Drive nearby.

The Ebels, and their two young children, were devastated by the loss of their dog. However, it is the safety of the neighborhood children that concerns Toby and Shana Ebel the most.

"There are tons of kids who play here," said Toby Ebel. "They ride their bikes. Families go walking. That is my biggest concern that it would happen in our neighborhood. A stray shot could have hurt somebody."

The Ebels distributed fliers around the neighborhood about the shooting, and have been surprised by the number of neighbors they have heard from.

"A surprising number have had things shot at over a couple of years," said Toby Ebel. "I've heard of four dogs and a cat. I think it's a disturbing trend we need to look into."

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