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What’s on the menu?

August 23, 2000

Feeding a few hundred hungry football fans in a short amount of time is the challenge of the "Bash" food committee and Dale Enick, chairman. "Bash" spokesman Rick Weaver explained that the selection of Enick as food chairman was a simple process.

"We needed a guy that looked like he has eaten quite a few Polish dogs and hot dogs. Dale and I were the two obvious candidates. I was already the entertainment guy so Dale had to be the food guy," said Weaver.

A simple yet tasty menu is planned for the "Bash," highlighted by hot dogs, Polish dogs, baked beans and a couple of salads. Lemonade and iced tea will be provided. Up to eight serving lines will be utilized with a buffet style format which should help move people along at a reasonable pace. Drink stations will be separate from the food stations so Bashers can serve themselves. Enick expects to have over a dozen workers assisting with the event and he has lined up tables and chairs to seat a large number of people. Workers have been divided into various categories including cooks, servers and clean-up staff.

Darrell Bowersox, Baker University food service director, has graciously volunteered to assist Enick by providing his expertise and actual assistance with the event.

"As always, Darrell Bowersox is helping out by doing a great deal of behind the scenes stuff that receives little credit. Baldwin is really lucky to have a guy like Darrell Bowersox in the community. On the down side, it will probably mean that I will have to give him another Baker shirt or something," said Weaver.

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