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The ‘Dawg’ is centerpiece of sales campaign

August 23, 2000

An old discarded sign laying in the scrap yard of The Lodge was turned into the focal point of the "Bulldog Bash" sales campaign thanks to the efforts of Ted Madl and Baldwin High School "artists" Jamie Grosdidier and Becky Weaver.

When the Junior High Football Fundraising Committee met in late June, it was suggested that something was needed to keep track of ticket sales. After looking at various types of "scales," including a temperature gauge and a football, it was decided to try to use a football player. Madl then pointed out that he might have "just the thing" that could be used for the project an 8-foot-by-4-foot sign laying in the construction scraps behind The Lodge. As it turned out, the sign was perfect for the job, but it needed some preparation.

First, the sign was stripped and cleaned. Next, it was given a coat of primer on each side. The sign was ideal for the task because it was large and both sides could be used. Thus, when the figure was displayed at a prominent site, it could be viewed by traffic going two ways.

After the sign itself was prepped, the next step was to decide on a football figure that could be drawn on the surface. Once a figure was selected, it was transferred to a transparency. Because of the size, a large area was needed to do the initial outline and an overhead projector was necessary. The sign was taken to Baker's Collins Center and Becky Weaver and Jamie Grosdidier were "chosen" official artists of "The Dawg."

"It was easy getting Becky to volunteer. Basically, I told her that she wouldn't be driving until she got 'The Dawg' done. Jamie Grosdidier was hanging out with her the day we got the supplies and she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I would guess Jamie has probably learned that she needs to be more selective in the choice of her friends. Actually, they did a pretty decent job in a few hours and they worked cheap, which was a primary consideration," said Becky's father, Rick Weaver.

The "Dress the Dawg" slogan was chosen as a theme for the "Bash." As ticket sales grow, portions of "The Dawg" get "dressed" or colored in by the "Bash Art Committee."

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