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This ‘fat cat’ needs home … and a diet

August 16, 2000

Veterinarian Tim Jones may just have the fattest cat in Baldwin City staying at the Companion Animal Hospital, 504 Ames.

"Chubby," as he is being called, lives up to his name. He tips the scales at 27 pounds. And he has a purr to match his massive black and white body.

"He's a cool cat," said Jones.

But somebody didn't think so.

Chubby was left in a box at the back door of Jones' veterinary clinic last Monday. The top of the box had collapsed from a rain shower early in the afternoon. Jones didn't walk out the back door until 7:30 p.m.

"He had been there for at least 8 hours," Jones said.

Jones was surprised to find such a large cat inside just think of a larger, rounder basketball with fur but the cat didn't seem any worse for the wear. He had obviously been taken care of at one time he is declawed in the front and neutered and he hasn't missed many meals.

What Chubby needs now is a good home. His whole body may not fit on a single lap, but he is affectionate and loves to be petted. He also needs an owner who is willing to aid in his grooming he can't reach all of his body to groom himself properly.

Jones is also recommending that Chubby go on a diet of "light" cat food.

"He is real sweet, he is calm and he doesn't seem to mind the dogs here," said Dee Hay, who works at the clinic.

Jones and his staff have gotten quite attached to Chubby, so they are looking for a home with a heart as big as he is.

For more information, call Companion Animal Hospital at 594-2413.

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