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Thanks B-town, it was fun

August 16, 2000

when at home one dreams of adventure

when at adventure one dreams of home

-Oscar Wilde

My original plans for this summer were to live in Lawrence and work as an intern for an advertising agency. Those plans fell through after the agency, who assured me I had the job in January and February, realized that in mid-April they had a contract with KU and had to take those students instead of me (yes I'm still bitter, if you can't tell).

So there I was with a month to find a required internship or lose my journalism scholarship. I e-mailed several newspapers in Michigan and The Baldwin City Signal. Fortunately Signal publisher Jeff Myrick replied back quickly and after taking care of the formalities he offered me a spot.

I wasn't quite sure how excited I was to be a "townie" for another summer. My journalism professor said, "Writing for your hometown paper will be a great experience. You'll probably learn a lot more about the town than you ever knew." With those words of encouragement and the chance to be with my family for the summer, I decided being a "townie" for one more summer wouldn't be too bad.

Now I'm glad that the advertising company dumped me. I can't imagine having a better experience elsewhere. People say, "make sure you do something you enjoy." I love sports, and as long as it isn't an analytical paper for school, I love writing. Can't get much better than that. My only complaint is that I had to work inside too much, and my tan suffered. The pale aristocratic look went out of style in the 18th century.

I never wrote anything real intellectually stimulating, so maybe that is why I didn't get much feedback. But as I've come to learn in my short journalistic career that when it comes to feedback, less is best. Almost the only time you receive comments is when you make a mistake. Though I did receive a lot of "I enjoy your column" comments and I thank everybody for the support.

I've lived here for 16 years, and the only regret I have is that Sonic didn't come to town earlier. Those Route 44's would have been wonderful after a hot summer day of biking or baseball. I never really had senioritis in high school. Although it may sound ironic because I'm going to school in Michigan, I never had the "I've gotta get out of here" disease. I always knew that I would miss B-town, and I'm sure my roommates at school are tired of hearing about it.

In conclusion I thank everyone that took time to read "From the Pressbox." I'd give out my e-mail address, but I have enough trouble responding to my family punctually. So if you ever want to know how the weather in Michigan is, ask my parents for updates. They enjoy giving updates.

Good luck to all the athletic teams this year and behave yourselves! I'll be checkin ya'll out on Go Mitchell, BCC foreverrrr!

Before every race I thank God for all he has given me and you better believe B-Town is on that list! (except when it has to do with North park.)

Take care and God bless.

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