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Police seek vandals

August 16, 2000

Baldwin City police have "good, strong leads" but no suspect or suspects in custody for a rash of vandalism to vehicles last week.

The first report of vandalism scratches to a vehicle's paint was reported by Christine Griggs, Baldwin City, last Monday afternoon. Griggs said the damage occurred between 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the 700 block of Ninth Street.

Reports of slashed tires and paint scratches continued through the next morning most while the vehicles were parked for the night between 8 p.m. last Monday and 8 a.m. last Tuesday. There were no witnesses.

According to police reports, 17 vehicles were damaged around town many in the vicinity of Baker University.

"At first I thought it was near the university, but it was all over town," said Sgt. Colleen Larson, who discovered some of the damage while surveying Baker parking lots. "There really was no rhyme or reason, except boredom."

Larson suspects the culprits are juveniles. Both the police department and Baker University added numbers to patrols following the vandalism.

"I'm guessing, even if we do have suspects, we won't be able to give names, because they will be juveniles," Larson said. "We do have some possible suspects. We will be working on it more this week."

Among the vandalized is the family of Todd Cohen, 604 Ninth, who between him and his parents visiting from Alta Vista, had three vehicles with slashed tires and paint scratches. Todd and Stacy Cohen discovered the damage Tuesday morning, when preparing to take their infant son Alex to Children's Mercy Hospital for heart surgery.

Other reports of vandalism were from:

Debbie Shafer, 1016 High Street, two slashed tires, $96.

John Baker, 614 Ninth, slashed tire, $43.

Kari Koch, Ponca City, Okla., paint scratches at 619 Ninth, $500.

Angela Worden, 619 Tenth #1, slashed tire and egged van, $100.

Baker University administration, two slashed tires on two vehicles, $400 total.

Clifford Emry, Gravois Mills, Mo., two slashed tires at Gessner Hall.

Tamela Bjorgaard, 339 Chapel, slashed tire, $100.

John Frangoulis, four slashed tires at Mabee Hall, $500.

Sheri Gormley, 810 Dearborn, slashed tire and paint scratches, $567.

Peter Cohen, Alta Vista, slashed tires on two vehicles and paint scratches in 800 block of Fremont, $700 total.

Todd Cohen, 604 Ninth, paint scratches, $500.

Christine Griggs, 700 block of Ninth Street, paint scratches, $500.

Alisha Ward, St. Peters, Mo., paint scratches at 301 Sixth St., $300.

Ann Wilkinson, Overland Park, paint scratches at 604 Dearborn, $250.

Andrea Gragg, Topeka, paint scratches at 604 Dearborn, $250.

There have been no new reports since last Tuesday.

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