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Now she’s able to escape crib

August 16, 2000

I'm used to waking up several times in the night. Emily can't find her "binky." The dogs need outside. Emily wants a drink. The dogs want inside. The kitten wakes up from her 16-hour slumber and is ready to pounce on any moving appendage. Emily wants to listen to music as she goes back to sleep.

However, nothing prepared me for being jumped on in the first hours of sleep by my 24-pound, 2-year-old. It wasn't a nightmare, she had learned how to climb out of her crib.

I don't know why I was so surprised. She can climb anything. In fact, climbing appears to be her mission in life so far. But she has never attempted to climb out of her crib, until now.

Suddenly, naps and bedtime were a struggle. I put her in the crib. She climbed out. I put her in the crib again. She climbed out again. Each time, she'd wait a few minutes, before coming to find me, and with a big grin would say, "Hi Mommy!"

I have to admit I wasn't any help. She was so proud of her accomplishment and so sweet after springing from her crib that I couldn't help but laugh. So she thought climbing out of her crib made her mommy happy.

And it was funny at 9:30 p.m. but not continuously until midnight.

"It must be time to put her in a toddler bed," said the grandmas after a couple of days of this.

If she won't stay in her crib, she surely wouldn't stay put in a toddler bed. And I wasn't worried about her falling out of the crib, because I had seen her climb out and it was executed as carefully as scaling a mountain.

So I became a mean mom. The next time she climbed out of her crib, I put my sternest face on, put her back in the crib and told her she would go to time-out if she climbed out again.

She understood my every word, but it didn't work.

Shortly after I took control of the situation, I heard the door to her room opening. This time, she peeked around the door to make sure the coast was clear. It wasn't. When she saw the glare of my eyes, she shot back into her room and started climbing back into her crib.

She had been caught and she hasn't climbed out since.

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