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Numbers close on treatment plant

August 9, 2000

City officials knew that the wastewater treatment plant was nearing capacity. Now they have the numbers to prove it.

Terry McKinney, city utility director, and Bill Winegar, assistant utility director, estimate that only 50 more homes can be platted before the existing wastewater treatment plant has reached its capacity of 432,000 gallons a day.

They said the treatment plant is now averaging 300,000 gallons a day. With estimates of Baldwin's current population at 3,450, the plant will reach capacity with 870 more residents.

So using an average household the average use of water per person per day is 100 gallons, and they consider an average household to be four people McKinney and Winegar figure 218 homes can be built before the plant is at maximum capacity. There are already 168 platted or permitted residences, which means there is only room for 50 more residences.

City Administrator Larry Paine said a new wastewater treatment plant will probably be built next to the current one in 2002.

"What we are recommending at the moment is a whole new plant sitting right beside the existing one that will be a replacement and an expansion," Paine said. "We are targeting 2002 as a possible construction time frame."

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