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Can’t wait for pie at Vinland Fair

August 9, 2000

A lady visited our office last week to hang a poster for the Vinland Fair, which begins on Thursday. With a smile, she said, "Be sure to come out."

"Oh, I'll be there," I said. "I'll be the one with the camera, eating pie."

The Vinland Fair is about the only time of year I get to eat homemade pie.

So please don't count how many pieces I eat.

I somehow get lured into eating at least two pieces each day. Blackberry is my favorite, so I start with a piece of it. Then, I go for cherry, if it's made with fresh cherries. Apple and peach are always close behind. Then, I look to see what else looks good.

And, as if pie wasn't enough, I always eat lunch or dinner there, too. The food is great and easy on the budget which makes it easier to eat more.

This year I plan to add a new dessert to my Vinland Fair experience homemade ice cream. I couldn't attend the day of the homemade ice cream contest last year. But this year, I plan to be first in line or close to it when they serve the award-winning ice creams on Saturday night. (And I offer myself as a judge, if there is a judge shortage).

And this year, when it's not during the work day, I plan on bringing Emily with me. Last year, being my first year, I didn't know what to expect. What I found was a fair for families with activities and games for children and adults.

There are not too many places parents can take their children and not worry constantly about their safety. I know I won't have to worry about that at the Vinland Fair, and I know Emily will have a lot of fun.

There is one thing I will have to worry about Emily eating all of my ice cream.

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