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Easter was fun, except for the bunny

April 26, 2000

I had my daycare provider teach Emily how to hunt Easter eggs last week. I was having a busy week, and did not have the time to teach her the important skill myself.

Emily was more interested in playing on her slide, swinging, or "driving" her toy car, my daycare provider said. Then she discovered there was candy in the eggs, and it quickly became the best game ever. Then she realized another girl at daycare had more eggs than she did, and the competition began.

Yes, I thought, Emily might just fare OK against older kids Easter weekend. Pardon my inexperience of being a parent, I didn't know Emily would be grouped with other toddlers.

When I got to Baker University on Saturday morning, I was scared I might become known as the parent of "the bully child." Emily was probably the closest to age 2 in the "under 2" area. She was grouped with infants, beginning walkers and maybe a couple of toddlers near Emily's 20 months.

The toddlers were picking up eggs and toys well before the 11 a.m. start time. It made more sense to let them start early, than have parents holding back crying, screaming toddlers from the bright-colored eggs and toys.

But they rushed as fast as toddlers can rush to the prizes with bright eyes and smiling faces, Emily included. There was no competition in the youngest age division, where parents often pointed the way to the eggs.

With Emily in the good hands of her grandparents, I took my camera to snap some shots of the other age groups. Those children anxiously awaited the start of the hunt and collected the eggs in seconds it seemed. I wasn't fast enough with my camera, and took pictures of children sorting through their Easter baskets instead.

When I strolled back to Emily's area, they were still slowly finding eggs. I may change my mind next year, but when it comes to Easter egg hunts, "under 2" is the best age group to be in.

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  • My family got to the Easter egg hunt early on Saturday, so Emily could participate in the activities and get her picture taken with the Easter bunny.

Emily liked the games, but was terrified of the Easter bunny. She wouldn't go near it, not even with me, and it took at least a half hour for her to stop crying and clinging on to us.

She was much more intrigued by bunny ears made of balloons that Mary Martin, one of many Baldwin High School helpers Saturday, was wearing.

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