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BHS students help clean up Baldwin

April 26, 2000

It's that time of year, when we all start that dreaded spring cleaning. Well, for Baldwin High School students spring provides the opportunity for them to give back to the community.

On April 19 students set out with trash bags in hand to help clean-up Baldwin. They traveled all over town, to the Douglas County Lake, and some students helped brighten up the swimming pool playground by adding a new coat of paint to the equipment there.

"It was really great to escape classes for a few hours to enjoy the nice weather and sunshine, and help out the community at the same time," said junior Emily Phillips.

And help out is exactly what they did. Students collected trucks full of bagged trash by the end of the day.

After everyone arrived back at the high school, they were treated to a cookout by Assistant Principal Allen Poplin and Counselor Carl Brooks and some free time to relax and socialize.

Activities ranged from frisbee, softball, hacky-sac, good music and some pie.

As a part of the band fund-raiser students, and teachers as well, entered a drawing for a chance to pie a teacher in the face. The pies were flying as students got revenge on their teachers for all the stress they have caused them.

"My geometry grade brought down my GPA, so pieing Mrs. Lampe was my way of revenge," said senior pie thrower Jessica Brumm.

"It felt good to pie Mrs. Scott because of all the work she makes us do in AP English," said senior Jimmy Gillispie.

After the pies stopped flying and the burgers were gone, and the music was turned off, students headed back to those dreaded classrooms where they would spend the remainder of the beautiful afternoon.

And so, Baldwin City slept, a little cleaner, and a little brighter.

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