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Thanks to coach Timmons

April 12, 2000

Dear Editor:

Amidst the current and ongoing concern of our youth, another bright spot has been dimmed, at least for now. Coach Bob Timmons, with whom we have been blessed to have had coaching Junior High track had to resign to help take care of his wife who recently had back surgery. What a wonderful and delightful man.

For those of you who don't know him, Coach Timmons was the track and field coach at KU for many years, coaching such legends as Jim Ryun, Billy Mills and I believe the Spielmans. He can and does motivate and encourage all the kids from the most gifted on down.

Although he doesn't have the hours it takes to coach right now, the first person I saw when I walked into the Junior High track meet at Spring Hill last Tuesday was Coach Timmons, his stop watch around his neck, his camera in hand and his eye scanning the crowd for his athletes. He walked from event to event, encouraging, coaching, and taking pictures. I hope these kids realize how lucky they are to have him be a part of their young lives.

Thank you coach Timmons for your time. We hope your wife gets well soon and you can return to coaching next year.

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