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Softball salute

April 5, 2000

Dear Editor,

You might remember me, I am a softball mom. I just got home from the first-ever Baldwin High School softball game. My toes are frozen, my face is numb and my fingers, well, fortunately I can retype the mistakes I make with my icy cold fingers ..... I have NEVER had a better time in my life!

The girls looked wonderful as they took the field in Oskaloosa. Wearing the colors of BHS with pride and smiles that spoke volumes about the anticipation of the game to come. A small crowd gathered in the stands with their blankets and shouts of encouragement. Those of you able to make it will never know how much your presence meant.

The first pitch was thrown, the first run scored, with many wonderful firsts in between and BHS history was made. I can only speak for myself, but this experience tops my list of wonderful things. Seeing the smiles shining from the heart and souls of these girls, well, I guess you could say they knock me out. And for those of you at the Paola game, you know I am not kidding.

I thought hot weather was the only way to enjoy the game. I was wrong. It doesn't matter what the weather, it's the girls' love of the game that makes it so special. Thank you ladies.

Kim Hubbel
Baldwin City

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