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Note found at BHS under investigation

April 5, 2000

Not much is being said about a note found at Baldwin High School last Wednesday that caused school officials to call the Baldwin City police.

Superintendent James White confirmed that an "old note" was found "dropped or placed" on a stairwell at the high school. The note was found by a student and brought to administrators.

"They tried to run down where the note may have come from," White said. "It wasn't a terribly huge issue."

White said he has not seen the note, and could not confirm that the note threatened BHS students. The note is being investigated by the Baldwin City Police Department and school resource officer Mike Gammage.

"There wasn't a strong feeling for further action other than an investigation by local authorities," White said.

Gammage referred all questions to Police Chief Steve Butell, who is out of town until today. BHS principal Joe Gresnick said he will be discussing the investigation with Gammage this week, and declined to comment until then.

"Until then, I don't feel comfortable saying anything," Gresnick said Tuesday morning.

White said the district does not have a specific policy regarding notes or threats.

"Our priority is to maintain the security of the building and the safety of the students," White said.

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