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No need to look for a cat

April 5, 2000

I must have called 10 people last Wednesday looking for an early litter of kittens, and more specifically, a tiger-striped male.

My family's cat, Gizmo, died the day before. He was hit by a truck, according to a neighbor.

Emily is too young to know what happened, but smart enough to know she couldn't find him when she got home that day. We needed a replacement fast, for her sake.

I considered adopting a cat or kitten from an animal shelter. But I was intimidated by the application. Between my dogs, my young child and my cat getting hit by a truck, I was sure my application would be denied.

Then, I was excited by the prospect of a kitten. I found a few kittens ready for homes, none of them tiger-striped. Apparently hundreds of cats are ready to give birth at any second, but that would mean another six weeks. That wasn't soon enough.

All my fretting and phone calls proved needless when I got home. A stray cat I had seen in the neighborhood for weeks decided to make our place his home. He walked into our house, ate our food, nestled in our laps and slept in our bed. He was content, and so were we.

And most amazingly, the young tiger-striped male was not frightened by our golden retrievers or Emily, who tends to pet a little hard. Emily even made Andy as he has tentatively been named a messy concoction of cat food, dog food and milk when I wasn't watching.

In a day's time, I was buying kitty litter, a collar, catnip toys and all the necessities a cat needs (you wouldn't think we had owned a cat before). If he is still around later this week, I will get his shots and make an appointment to have him neutered.

If he returns to his stray life, then I will need a kitten maybe two.

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